Frankfurt (Germany), Sacramento,CA (USA) October, 14th 2002

The ARISE Magazine ( features the release of the photo book "Male Silhouettes" in their october release.

The ARISE Magazine is based in Sacramento, California and is dedicated to the "Diverse People of African Decent" - readership.

Read the article here (PDF)




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London (GB), October 2nd 2002

Interview of with Ron Young about his Book Male Silhouettes:

"Ron Young has a keen eye for photography. His latest project is Male Silhouettes and we decided to find out more ..." Read the interview




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Dallas (USA), September 11th 2002

Terry Hunter, a talented writer from Dallas,

contributes his poetry for Male Silhouettes.


Ron Young and Terry Hunter have been friends

for over 2 years, after meeting while Ron was

traveling in New York.

Terry has been writing poetry for more than 12

years and asked Ron to read some them. After

reading "Passion", Ron asked if he could include

it in his book and asked for more.

In all, four of his poems are in the book.

His writings combine the honesty and passion

he feels and observes.



Where is the passion I felt for you?
Where is the love that once was true? 

Iím so happy when you knock on my door.
When I open it, Iím happy no more.

Is our love fading away?
Or simply changing, everyday.

Iím so confused about my love for you.
Do I or donít I?  I wish I knew.

Time will tell, if our love is strong.
We may part and Iíll be alone.

I will search for the passion inside.
And hold it for you with arms open wide.

                   Terry Hunter


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New York (USA), September 9th 2002

Claibourn Hamilton reinterprets work of Ron Young for Male Silhouettes.

Claibourn's figurative work will be featured in a new book featuring Ron Young's male photography.

Scheduled for release in mid September, 2002 and entitled Male Silhouettes Ron Young incorporates a black and white medium too capture the male nude in stunning light & shadow.

Ron Young approached Claibourn to reinterpret a group of photographs into exclusive oil paintings to be included in the book. Claibourn utilized the same concept of light & shadow in these reinterpretations that has resulted in luscious compositions of color movement and shadow.

This book is a groundbreaking achievement! Bringing together one of today's most intriguing photographer's with one of New York's most dynamic visual artists, this collaboration is bound to be a big hit!

Please help support this artistic project by owning a personal copy of Male Silhouettes today! Just follow the link below.

Get your personal copy here (coming in a few days)





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